Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank you for visiting to my blog.

Hello Everybody

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog.

I would like to tell you about this blog and why I am doing this.
One day, I was driving to work and I saw next to me a whole bus covered in advertising pictures. I saw these buses, trucks and cars many times before, but this time, I saw people were watching and admiring the pictures. Then I got the idea that I could promote my country this way. That I could let other people be aware of what is going on in the motherland.

So, I have decided to start.

Here is sample of my decorated car project. I do not have pictures of my car yet. I just sent my car to the sticker company to label it with the pictures. As soon as my car is back, I will post a picture of what it looks like. It is going to look exactly the same as the picture above.

I will be driving this car across north America for Free Burma Campaign, which I would like to call North America Campaign for Free Burma Road Trip. I will be leaving Toronto, Canada where I live on the 1st of December 2007. My first stop will be Washington D.C. From D.C, I will go across America to Arizona. I still can't decide which way to take to Arizona. I only have one month to do the trip.

I would like to ask for your support, suggestions and comments.

Please do come back and visit everyday for the update.

Again, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Si Thu,

The idea is great, I love it...

Just focus on what you are doing and you should be ok... My best wishes on your adventure and I know you will attract the energy we need towards a Free Burma...

Anonymous said...

Si Thu

may I pinch a copy of the car for my blog please? Thanks...

Anonymous said...

good on you


Dear SiThu,

I also support ur trip 4 free burma movement.
I like invite to our L.A through ur trip.
We like to cooperate with u.

with mitta,
ko moe

Anonymous said...

It is a good idea and I am pretty sure you will attract people on your way, but I want to suggest you to prepare, as complete as you can, to the questions of people on your way. Also, bring some handouts about Chevron USA and not to buy gas from that station.

democracy said...

hi,Si Thu

you shoul try to get media contact for this ,maybe you get sponsered.

Good idea,ride on

Who knows,at the end you can drive your car into


Anonymous said...

Sit Mone,
Congratulation for your wonderful idea. I have posted about you and your blog at my blog ( Burma Sitmone Weblog)
Sit Mone

သစၥာ | သ​စ္စာ said...

စေတကာ က်ေတာ့ဘယ္မွာ ရုိက္တာလဲ။ ဥေရာပကုိေရာ စေတကာေတြ ပုိ႔ေပးႏုိင္မလား? ဒါဆုိရင္ ဒီက ကားပုိင္ရွင္ေတြလည္း လုိက္ကပ္ရင္ျပီး လုပ္ရင္ ပုိေအာင္ျမင္ႏုိင္တာေပါ့။


red bodhi said...


Bay Dah said...

Si Thu; I salute you!! Keep driving man!!! Keep driving like "Forrest Gump".

Wish all the best for your safe Journey. Please Pray every morning before you start driving for sage journey and for the Free Burma. Like Jutta said..You need media exposure. Please update every stop on your blog!! we will spread your news on our Blogs too. We are all behind you,.

Lets your campaign involve with all pro democtacy Blogs.

Take care; Sage Journey, Free Burma
Bay Dah:

Bay Dah said...

Si thu,

Please setup a C-box on your blog so that everyone can cheers you all the way the whole journey people ideas and wishes there.

Please contact media or newspaper for more exposure and please write a book about your journey and expereince and about people you meet.

Take care, Sage Journey, Free Burma

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your good spirit.......we are always beside you...............

Anonymous said...

This is perfect timing! Your idea came at a time when we are planning to do something similar in L.A. We will be having a caravan of human rights floats to protest against China's participation in Rose Parade. Perhaps, you can join us on Dec31,2007 in LA which has the largest Burmese community living outside of Burma. Please contact us at Thanks.

Anonymous said...

have you got a blog... please provide us your link... My best wishes on your project ... enjoy as it also brings lots of fun... take care and a big hug going your way...

Burma Global Action Network said...

My name is Sophie Lwin and I am from Burma Global Action Network Inc. (BGAN). We are a worldwide organization connecting and acting for the people of Burma. We adopted BGAN through the very popular face book group with 400,000 members called 'Support the Monks' Protest in Burma'. I also run U.S. Campaign for Burma, Arizona Chapter. I currently reside in Arizona and have many supporters here and would love to help promote your actions and efforts for our people. We have many networks across the states, and would be great if we can get in contact for further discussion in regards to your trip to Arizona as well as what kind of promotions we can offer. Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sophie Lwin
Phoenix, Arizona


Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

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