Friday, November 30, 2007

Get my car back and ready to start my trip

Today, I go pick up my car. It looks really nice. When I came back a lot of people were watching my car. I hope I will get lots of attraction from all over North America and the campaign will be a success.

Once I get home I want to try to post the picture of the car but blogspot block my blog because they said it was spam. Anyway, I wrote and reported to them and they unlock it for me right away.

Thank you Blogger Team.

I would like to thank you Brian L. Spiteri and his family from Speedpro Imaging (where I put all the pictures in my car). Also he is helping to contact to all the media for me. He is amazing.

Again, Thank you Brian, I really appreciate it. Also I would like to thanks Nick who designed the images of my car.

Well here is my plan for tomorrow.

I will be at Queens Park, Toronto around 11:00 am. I will start my trip around noon to Washington D.C. I am welcome everybody to come and join before I leave.
Thank you and wish me luck.

Si Thu


Anonymous said...

Indeed she looks lovely... she'll do her job well... all the best on your holidays... although it's got a purpose it will be fun as well as... enjoy it... a big hug going your way...

Anonymous said...


It's really cool. Just wanna know how much you spent on it???? Anyway, worth it!!!


Anonymous said...

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