Sunday, December 2, 2007

Here is the first day story

Good Morning Everyone.

Greetings from Washington D.C.

It was a really nice day yesterday. I can say that the weather was on my side. Before I reached to Queens Park, Ko Aung Nwe Oo and some friends were already there and waiting for me.

Thank You Everybody, your support is really helping me out for my trip.

At Queens Park on 1 Dec'07

I left Queens Park at noon and drove across the border at Lewiston Bridge, NY.

As soon as I drove my car into the booth. The officer was not look at me. He was just staring at my car without a word for 3 mins. He did not move, even though I handed over my citizenship card and Driver's License. A few mins later, he took my citizenship card and he asked me for the password. It took me about 15 mins and he let me go into USA. Thank you.

Pennsylvania state is really nice to drive. All the up and down hills, it looks like you are driving on the Rockey mountain, BC. Freezing rain came down before 180 miles to destination, at the top of the mountain. I was really scared because my windows froze even I had cleaned with the wipers. I had to slow down and stop at the rest area. When I arrived to D.C. it was 1:00 am.

Oh... also one side of front kidney grill in my car is gone. So, I took out another one too. If is really ugly.

Well, so far, I saw people very interested in my car. They were behind my car for a while then they overtook me and stayed at the side of my car for a while. They showed support but of course not everybody agreed.

I would be leaving D.C. on Tuesday. My next stop will be Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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democracy said...

he,Si Thu,

first day,hope the car is doing his Job.should,it,s german.Otherwise i have to call the the company .

good luck,waiting for the next daystory.