Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My time in Los Angeles...

I arrived in LA to Ko Maw Gyi's house on Dec 15th at 6:30 pm. There were lots of people welcoming me. I was really surprised, very happy and thanks to everyone who came to meet me. They are like true brothers and sisters, as a big family, they treated me as their brother. I was made very comfortable, now I have more energy to continue my trip.

Next day, we went to the Buddhist Temple to gather everybody. We ate at the Buddhist Temple then we went to start the car rally. We stopped at the City Hall and the Former Mayor of Pasadena, Bill Paparian participated with us too. He presented me with an official pin of the City of Pasadena and welcomed me to his city. Later, we went to the local City Mayor House and delivered a letter to the Mayor by myself. We continued the car rally towards Hollywood and we eat dinner at Ko Soe restaurant (Jasmin).

I was really surprised about the LA trip and I would like to thank Ko Maw Gyi's family, Ko Pae and all the people in LA. Now I really really want to move-in to LA :)

There are a lots of things to talk about LA, like early in the morning we stopped at the car wash station for a car wash. Before finishing the washing , one gentleman approached us and talked about my trip and asked few questions. He gave me a donation for the gas. His name is Richard, Thank You Richard.

Yoma's 'samusar' is really good too. Ko Maw Gyi fixed her up (car) before I left to San Fransisco and now she is all good. When I was in LA, Ko Maw Gyi took care of me with everything. I would like to say Thanks to Ko Maw Gyi. I would like to say more than thanks but I don't know the words.

You are welcomed to view the LA pictures at the bottom right hand side of the page.


Burma Global Action Network said...

Ko Si Thu,
I am so overly happy to see the L.A. trip was a success!!!!! I saw all the pictures and they looked wonderful!!! I'm so happy to see the mayor came out to meet you! You have done such amazing work for our country! I also saw you in my favorite restaurant.... my family takes me there every time I visit L.A. They have all the real Burmese food! I'm very jealous of you right now! I hope you have a safe trip to Portland... I hear it is a beautiful city and there are many wonderful activists there as well!!! I can't wait to see more pictures....

Sophie Lwin

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