Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ko Thiri Interview translation into English

Translation Courtesy of Pan Bay Dah

Ko Si Thu:

Ko Thiri, What is your view about the current Political Situation In Burma?

Ko Thiri Nyunt:
I don't want to say big things about politics. The Monks lead the Saffron Revolution in September 2007, the student uprising in 1974, in 1988 etc. Those revolutions happened because ordinary people were unable to stand the unfairness and suppression anymore and on their own free-will, on their own desire and initiative they own the responsibilities to uprise against the country bad system and bad policies.

Burmeses are the most patient and forgiven people on earth. If the government would provide a certain level of goodness to the country, Burmeses will not bother about the politics.

Now what happen last September was due because of too much unfairness and suppression. They (Burmeses) on their own free-will stood up against the junta by themselves. These uprisings happened by themselves, it was not because of external influences.

As long as there is no freedom, no democracy, no justice in Burma, this kind of uprising against the military junta will continue to happen for sure and Burmeses will stand up by themselves on their own free-will. As long as suppression and unfairness exist, the uprising will happen again and again by itself. (No need to wait for any encouragement from the international community)

Ko Si Thu:
What should we do and how do we fight in the Future to get Freedom in Burma?

Ko Thiri Nyunt:
I don't want to say anything about what we should do on this interview because the enemy (junta) will get time to prepare to counteract against these actions. I don't want to tell what we have to do, the activists already know what to do.

But my OWN personal view and my own belief, in 1988 we were suppressed and the junta drove (forced) us on this road of armed struggle. I myself participated in armed struggle against the junta for 5 years along the border and our comrades still continue with the armed struggle there.

A weapon without ammunition is not even as useful as the stick. Armed struggling without support will be difficult to succeed. Armed struggling need weapons, ammunition, medicines, supply etc. . Last time those leftist revolutions were successful it was because they got full support from Russia and China.

Since we (pro-democrats) don't have this kind of support from anywhere at this moment, we are not able to move forward yet. But I don't mean we will never win, we just can't be able to move forward at this very moment.

I believe, one day, if we get this kind of support, we will win. I am one of the persons who really hate war, there are only bad and evil things on the battlefield.

But since the junta government don't want to walk the Peace Road and don't want to settle in a peaceful way, we have no other option, we have to fight, to get the Freedom in Burma, this is my own personal belief.

Ko Si Thu:
What do you want to say to the People in Burma?

Ko Thiri Nyunt:
I want to tell to the people who are not only inside Burma, I want to tell to the Burmese people who are outside Burma, I want to tell to every Burmese person that it is the responsibility of everyone. Everyone is responsible and accountable. I am also responsible and you (Ko Si Thu) are also responsible, that is, if we love our country.

If there are lots of people who just want to look for themselves or they are just only interested in looking after their families' well-being, happy to sit down, do nothing and just watch what other people are doing then, our country will never change.

But if there are a lot of people who understand their responsibilities and are accountable for the good cause of our country then, we will win one day and our country will develop and become a better place to live.

I don't want to say it is the responsibility of the people from inside or the people from outside. It is the responsibility of everyone who love Burma and all of us are responsible for changing all the bad things into good things. That's all I want to say. Thank you.

I translated the interview as best as possible to the original conversation with my best intention. Ko Si Thu, Thank you very much to allow me to post my translation of your interview with Ko Thiri Nyunt. Bay Dah)

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Dr K K Lay said...

I absolutely agree with Ko Thiri Nyunt, it is the basic responsibility of every Burmese living inside as well as outside presently scattered all over the world. Everyone has to play a part. There are still many people who have fear of repercussion from the junta as they have families and relatives living inside the country, to me these people are missing the point that they can certainly abolish their fear once we get rid of the ruthless regime and bring peace and freedom back into our country.
" Victory is very much possible for people who refuse to give up"

Ko Ko Lay