Saturday, December 8, 2007

Interview with Dr. Tun Kyaw Nyein

From Concerned Burmese Physicians and Professionals

He is the son of late U Kyaw Nyein (former Deputy Prime Minister). Active in Burma’s pro-democracy movements since 1974 U Thant Uprising;
  • Imprisoned along with his younger brother Bo Bo Kyaw Nyein from 1974-79
  • Studied at the Institute of Medicine (I) Rangoon
  • Earned M.B., B.S. (Rangoon)
  • MS (Western Illinois University) and
  • Ph.D. in Health Education (University of Tennessee)
  • Former Professor and Currently Administrator with the North Carolina Central University
  • Also spoke person for
    "Concerned Burmese Physicians and Professionals"
Dr. Tun Kyaw Nyein resides in Chapel Hills, N.C.

I will be interviewing people I meet on my trip and post the videos on my blog as soon as they are available.


Jotman said...

What a great way to spread awareness about the situation in Burma!

Speaking of Dr. Tun Kyaw Nyein's brother, Bo Bo Kyaw Nyein, apparently there is a really good interview of Bo Bo published at
(Via Bo Zaw at Facebook). It's in Burmese though. Anyone care to translate?

Bo Bo Kyaw Nyein talks about preparing for armed struggle, which relates to what a former Burma student army leader said in his interview with me -- two segments of which I have posted:
Part 1:
Part 2:

I wish you all the best Si Thu!


Anonymous said...

Both Tun and Bo Bo Kyaw Nyein actively involved in the 1974 U Thant Uprising and were jailed for that.

But they never spoke or wrote about that sad and important episode of Burmese history. I always wonder why whenever I read about them on the net?

I was then a first year RIT student and what I witnessed and did back then was nothing like whatever little written and available on the net at present.

Is it possible to request the Kyaw Nyein brothers to write about their experiences then, so that it will be recorded for posterity?