Sunday, December 2, 2007

In Washinton D.C.

Hello everyone

Today, we went out to the front of the Myanmar Embassy in Washington D.C. After parking the car and taking some photos we went to Capital Hill and Washington Monument.

All my friends from D.C. are providing me with all the support that they can offer. Thank you everybody in Washinton D.C because of You, I am more confident with my campaign and I believe that my campaign will be a success and Burma is free soon.

Also, I was invited to the Myanmar restaurant. Foods are really great. I really like 'A Thot and Tea' from that restaurant.

Now my trip has changed. I will leave from D.C. Dec 4 to North Carolina. Next day Dec 5 to the Atlanta, Georgia. I will coming back up to Washinton D.C on Dec 7 and we will leave with people from D.C to New York to join the movement on Dec 8.

I would like to invite all the people to join us at this New York Cars' Campaign. I will be there.
Please let me know if you would like to participate.

Here is my contact email address.

I will post the whole trip plan soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your activism is inspiring. I will continue to watch your journey and forward it to friends. Safe travels and all the best.

Erin from New Zealand