Friday, December 21, 2007

Media Advisory: Driving for Burma: 15,436 kilometre across North America

December 21, 2007

Ottawa – Si Thu, a former 1988 student activist living in Toronto, will reach to the West Coast of Canada tomorrow from Seattle as part of his “Driving for Burma” initiative that was aimed to raise awareness on the situation in Burma.

“I don’t want to diminish world’s attention on the appalling situation in Burma,” said Si Thu. “I am taking this initiative to remind people across North America that human rights violation in Burma continue unabated and international community should continue to pay enough attention and support for ongoing democracy movement in Burma,” he added.

Si Thu was a student activist in the 1988 democracy uprising in Burma and fled the country after the Burmese army brutally cracked down the popular movement. He arrived in Canada a decade ago and lives in Toronto.

His solo driving journey started out on December 1, 2007 at Toronto. His car, emblazoned with the word “Free Burma”, pictures of Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and monks, turns many heads as he drives through major cities in the U.S as part of a 15,436 kilometre drive across North America stopping off at key cities to address politicians, dignitaries, campaigners and Burmese exiles.

He will arrive in Vancouver on Dec. 22 and continues to raise awareness on the situation in Burma with the support of local activists. Canadian Friends of Burma (CFOB) supports his initiative and is providing necessary assistance and arrangements during his tour in Canada.

The following is his planned road trip in Canada:

Vancouver - Dec 22-26
Vancouver to Calgary - Dec 27
Calgary to Regina - Dec 28
Regina to Winnipeg - Dec 29
Winnipeg to Thunderbay - Dec 30
Thunderbay to Sault Ste Marie - Dec 31
Sault Ste Marie to TORONTO - 1 January 2008 (returning to base)

Si Thu is available for interviews along the route of the journey.

He can be reached at
(416) 230 0901 in Canada
Web blog:

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